Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Caleb's Water Boy Mini Marathon

My Cutie

Got my number, I am ready to GO!

Caleb is the 2nd from the left, bright blonde cutie ;o)

Come on little man, you are almost there! Caleb's in the back.

Swimming the 50. No prob. Swimming is my life!

Mom, you always embarass me, but I am holding back I LOVE MY MEDAL!!

My 7 year old ran for the first time the Hometown Realty Waterboy Challenge. He had to run 1/3 mile, swim 50yds, and then run again 1/3 mile. The running was mostly through the woods too. I walked the route when we got there just to see where they were going.

Wow, I just wanted to share that Caleb did awesome! He did it in something like 12 min. and was the best for the seven year old group. It was funny because the next day he could hardly move. He just sat on the couch and moaned every move he made. He actually came up to me and said he thought something was wrong with him. It was funny seeing him hurt like I would.


Renee said...

Very impressive! (and cute too!)

Shelley said...

What a cutie!
Congrats Caleb!!


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