Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bella the Princess

Let me introduce my dog, Bella and how she rules... Obviously!!!! Haha...

Now I know this image of me has got to be the worst ever but I am trying to recover from a hysterectomy and this is way too funny!

She has me almost off the couch, all 18 lbs of her. Funny how these animals come into our lives and take over. Anyway, it's been good to have her by my side and let me tell ya, by my side while I heal.

We rescued Bella from a great shelter called BARK they rescued her from a puppy mill who used her to breed her and take her puppies that you see in pet stores for sale and the such. It is really sad what she was put through the first five years of her life. Dogs and puppies in mills live a very unhealthy life. They live in their own and other animal feces, they don't get proper vet care if at all and most important they get no human contact. No love for these babies, especially the breeders like Bella. So next time you are thinking about getting a puppy or dog, please consider adoption. If you have a specific breed you want you can probably find it on if you are patient. At the very least go to a reputable breeder to find a breed. Ask a vet, check on references and make sure that you see the dogs, especially the breeding dogs.

Anyway, thanks for meeting Bella and reading my blurb about puppy mills. If you would like to learn more, click on the link on my side bar on how to stop puppy mills. There is a ton of info out there.


Shelley said...

I believe rescued animals know they are rescued and make the best pets!

Both of my cats were rescued. One from a shelter and one from a farm. The farm kitten was riddled with ear mites, eye infections, etc. and I do believe she is truly grateful we saved her and extra lovable because of it.

Animals are just so darn sweet!

Beth Oliver said...

I know Shelley!!! I am such a sucker... I have 3 cats too. All rescued. They are all special in every way, but I also believe that a rescue knows that they have been saved. Thanks for sharing!!

Renee said...

Well, you are on HER sofa!!! Very cute!


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