Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ambition and Determination.......

My Cayson!!

My son who started the sixth grade this year and is eleven has blown me away this week with his determination and ability.  He swims on a year round swim team which takes a lot out of him to begin with.  He is required to swim three days a week one and a half hour practices and attend some grueling swim meets.  Lately it's been at least two a month.  Now he has decided he wants to be on the wrestling team for his school which will require every day practices for an hour and a half.  So far this week we have been doing this schedule and poor guy, he is sticking to it and is sure he can do it!  I dropped him off to swim practice last night and he ate dinner in the car.  I keep pondering on, "am I a bad Mom for letting him do too much, or am I a good Mom for letting him try it"?  It is so tough, I guess I will see how things go after cuts!  Cuts are Friday, he has the worst odds being a sixth grader.  It is in God's hands and whatever is best will happen.  I do believe that!  This will be such a good leaning experience for the both of us, I guess.  I do know I have learned one thing, Cayson puts out more effort than I could, ever.  I am so proud of you, son!!!

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Rosies said...

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