Monday, November 23, 2009

Fairs, Shows, and Festivals Oh My!

Here I am setting up being silly, not sure what I have gotten my self into!!
Silliness gets me through everything....

Hi Karen, one of my angels ;o) !!!  Thanks for all your help!

So.......  Whewwwww I got through it..... I did three shows in two weeks.  I don't know how people do it like that all the time.  I am exhausted.  It was a lot of fun, meeting some really cool vendors and nice people.  I learned A LOT!!  I had an amazing month and I want to thank you all!!!  I am looking forward to doing many more in the future. 


Renee said...

Your tables looks great! Silliness and Diet Coke get you through! Love you!

Beth Oliver said...

Calling me out on my Diet Coke... Ha ha ha... You are right though I need lots and lots of Diet Coke to get me through. You are too funny! Love you too~


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